I've been keeping an Automated Excel Form of most our CTMH products since 2011.  You can use it to track inventory, calculate customer orders, plan workshop costs, calculate CTMH and half priced rewards earned in a gathering.  

I update it whenever a new Core Idea Book or Bi-Monthly Catalog is released and when major promotions happen.  (not flash sale items).  

Your subscription is $7 and is for one Core catalog cycle which starts and ends in the summer.  If you sign up in late spring, you'll get about 14 months of updates.  If you sign up in the fall, you'll get updates through the next summer.

This Excel file is only in US Dollars.  I found it too hard to keep up with 4 markets and their different tax and shipping profiles.  



  1. Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job on this for CTMH consultants. You make life easier for me 😘😘 lots of luv from Sydney, Australia. Cheers Deb

  2. Renewal sent. Thanks very much for all your hard work, Lalia 😍