Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Celebrate Today!

The February featured paper is Celebrate Today.  It's a beautiful spring paper that's versatile too!

A gorgeous paper pack!

Notice that it's not all pink and floral.  Two designs are 100% free of pinks!  It's safe to use on boys! 

Scrapbooking workshop

Card Workshop Your Way--A kit that makes 16 cards

Cardmaking Stamp Set

Celebrate Today Card Making Stamp & Thin Cut Z3629

"Old is the New Black"

 I call her Edith... You're Not Old Stamp & Thin Cuts Z3653 are so popular.  What will you name her?
These last two items are part of our Stamptacular sale!  Be sure to shop it this month too! 

Thursday, February 6, 2020

February Stamp of the Month: Cherishing Her

This month's stamp of the month is perfect for scrapbookers and card makers!  This large flower bouquet makes a beautiful embellishment or border.  

The heartwarming sentiments are wonderful!
Get this stamp set only in February 2020 for $18.95 or just $5.00 with a $50.00 purchase! 

Shop here to get it this month. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

February's Stamptacular Sale!

Hello friends!
This month's Stamptacular sale is one of the best ever.  Not only are stand-alone stamp sets on sale, bundles with Thin Cuts are up to 50% off!  

Please do not delay if you're looking for stamp and thin cut bundles.  Some are while supplies last and a favorite, Country Bee has already sold out.  

Each of the Floral Alphabet Monograms are just $2.50 ea!
Amazing Thin Cut Bundles!
 I love Angel Hugs!

2 witty birthday sets

Country Critters!

Stamps for every type of occasion
 Back out of the vault!  These very popular stamp sets are back!

Stamp-only sets will be available all month, but items with Thin Cut dies may not be re-ordered after inventory is depleted.  Shop soon!  


Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Benefiting Australian Bush Fires

As we have heard news of devastating wildfires across Australia, we have felt the need to support relief efforts by designing a stamp set especially for this cause. The stamp set is titled Keep Your Head Up (W1202) and it is now available for purchase:

This is a B-size stamp set that would normally be priced at $10.95,but CMTH has decided to make it available for just $10 in all markets. This makes it an easy choice for you to purchase the set, especially knowing that the proceeds from its sale will be donated to the Red Cross, with the donations designated to the relief efforts for the Australia bushfires. In order to maximize the donation amount, this set will be non-commissionable. I will not make any profit on this set, allowing all proceeds—including the amount that would normally go to my benefit—will be donated.

Click here to shop >>

Friday, November 1, 2019

Holiday Card Buffet!

This year my holiday card workshops are going to be buffet style!  

Holiday Events in November  via Facebook

Sat, November 9 at 6 PM
Sat, November 23 at 2 PM
Sat, November 30 at 6 PM

Location:  My home in Everett, WA

How a buffet works:
Select the cards by the number in the top corner of the card or tag kit.  Let me know how many of each you want to make.  Message me with that info.  If you pre-order your cards 7 days prior to one of my events, you'll receive 25% off the kits you make at your workshop.  If you do not pre-order, I will have a limited number of each kit available for you to make.  

Kits can also be ordered & mailed  (no discount applies as I'm doing the stamping.)

Kits 19-1 thru 19-15 are $2 ea.  
Kits 18-1 thru 18-3 and 18-5 are $2.50 ea.  
Kit 18-4 is $5 for all tags shown.  First come, first served as these tags are from last year.  

Other details
Bring your own adhesive.  Or purchase adhesive from me.  
Most of these cards have minimal 3D bling so they are easy to mail. All come with an envelope and are A2 (standard sized).  
I accept PayPal, check or cash.  
Leave your order details in the comments below.  All comments are moderated and I will not publish any comment that contains personal information, including your email address.  

Here's the current offering of cards.  I might add some more.  

19-1  This truck is from 

Interactive gift card holder $2.50.

Interactive gift card holder $2.50.

Interactive gift card holder $2.50.

Tag kit $5 one of each tag.  Limited number of kits available.

$2.50 per card