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Grab your calendars, my friends!

Have a fun evening with girlfriends  learning how to use the latest Close to My Heart products!

I host monthly workshops in Everett, WA at my home on Thursday afternoons and Friday evenings. These have been on the 4th Friday and 4th Thursday for the last few years but may change.

New in 2017!

Fuss Free Workshops  Want a workshop where everything is provided down to the tools and adhesive?  Look for my Fuss Free workshop option!  Everything is pre-cut and ready to assemble.  Just show up! (after you RSVP of course)  Bring scissors if you have a favorite pair and don't want to share!  It's that easy.

My kits will now have 2 pricing options:  1 for "just the kit."  Another for an all-inclusive Fuss Free workshop.  

Basic Kit Perfect for anyone who wants to assemble their kit at home or anyone who wants to bring their own supplies.  The kits can be picked up or shipped to your door.  You'll provide the adhesive, tools, 3D foam, etc.  This is perfect for local friends who can't attend the workshop or kits that are shipped.

Fuss Free Kit  You'll be using my adhesive, 3D foam tape and tools at my workshops.  It's the same kit pieces as the basic kit.  Shimmer Brushes and extra embellishments will still be chargeable.  

Why am I doing this?  To make my kits more affordable to everyone.  I don't want to double charge you for shipping and adhesive if you're making them at home.  And if you're picking up my kits, you shouldn't be charged either.  It's a win-win situation for everyone.  In past years I've ordered $200+ in Tombow at a wholesale price!  

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