Monday, August 6, 2012

Artiste in August: Day 7

Today’s featured shape is the the 20 circle ball shown on page 57 of the handbook. 

This one was a bit interesting.  I like my creation.  It reminds me of a beach ball, I was hoping to have an ornament that would fit on a Christmas tree.  Well, that didn’t happen!  It hangs really nicely in my tree outside! 

20 circle ball dotty for you Artiste CTMH

For starters, the handbook was a bit misleading.  So far, when we see the dimensions in red next to our 3D item it’s of the finished item.  In this case, it’s of one circle when folded.  Thus, I was in a bit of a surprise when I cut circles on my Cricut at 2.75.”  They were about 3.75 inches tall!  When scored and folded, they were 2.75 inches.  All in all, my project cut at 2.75” is 6.75 inches tall!  Almost as tall as the Cricut cartridge box.    Wowzers! 

20 circle ball artiste cricut ctmh dotty for you

Tip for this project:  Use the assembly instructions as your guide.  You need to take 5 circles and make them into a star pattern exactly as it shows in the book.  I’d do this with at least 15 of the circles, if not all 20.

My ball won’t stay naked for long.  I’m thinking that the Paradise Blooms would look terrific in the center of each triangle. 

If you came from Gloria’s blog, you’re on the right path, now on to see what Becca has created