Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Taste of Summer teacher gifts

Monday was our wrap-up of our Homeschool Co-op.   You could say our co-op has two themes.  One would be coffee, the other chocolate.  When the two combine, it's even better.   When it's time to celebrate our hard working volunteer teachers AKA moms, they are almost always a part of the gift.

This year we gave a Mason Jar Sipper/Straw filled with chocolate & Starbucks Via.

I love to make them cute so I added a tag that says "Thank you for an Ah-Mason year."  It really was an amazing year.  We have a dedicated group of moms who come up with creative classes for all ages.  We lead "elective" classes that support, not replace our regular home school curriculum.  It's a fun outlet for the kids AND the moms.  We support and encourage one another and love it as much as the kids do.  

I printed the circle on regular paper and punched it with my handy 2" circle punch by Fiskars.  This is my most used punch that I own.  

The pinwheel features the new Taste of Summer papers that are only available May 2015, during National Scrapbooking Month.  Aren't they luscious?  

There's 6 different double sided papers.  
I love the lemon paper with the purple on the back.  

It's a Ball quart jar and the Ball Straw and Sipper.  They are primarily sold as white but this year they've introduced some colorful lids.  

Here's the supplies we used.  I say "we" because the leadership team met at my house and together we crafted and assembled the 3 dozen jars.  It took less than an hour to do the work and another couple hours to laugh, giggle and eat chocolate before going home.  

Some links are Amazon affiliate links.  

Taste of Summer Paper Pack cut in 4" squares
We also have a stamp set, though I didn't use it on this project
Black brads
Heavy bamboo skewers with tips cut off from Winco Foods
Hot Glue
Ribbon from my stash
Easter grass
1/8" hole punch for the pinwheels
(be sure to get the ones that match the size of your jar)
We had some of the Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Truffles, Dark Chocolate Truffles, and ones with White Chocolate.  The Peanut Butter ones are pretty amazing too.  Are you hungry yet?  I had to stop and fix lunch before finishing this post.

To make the pinwheel, I cut a 4" square of paper (you'll get 9 per sheet, Yay!)
Here's a template for the pinwheel--It's from the Macaroni kid website.  
I hot glued a BBQ skewer to the back.  I used a pair of garden pruners to snip the point off the skewer and then buried the snipped end in the hot glue.  They don't spin, but they're still darling.  

Taste of Summer is only available in May 2015 from Close to My Heart.  

I've went back and labeled my teacher gift posts.  You can find all of them here.  

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