Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday Funny

Sometimes we just gotta clean.  

While I was mopping on Friday morning, this came to mind.  
"My home is so clean you could eat off of a paper plate."
I dislike mopping because I just know that a sticky messy catastrophe will come before the end of the day.  On Friday, it wasn't a full glass of lemonade spilled, but enough...!

While I only have 1 boy, he really does live up to the definition of boy that I saw when he was a baby. 

Anyway, back to crafting!

This is a 3D daisy from the new Flower Market Cricut Cartridge.
I stamped the center with one of the background stamps that comes in the bundle. It's super easy to put together, just a dab of glue between each layer!  

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