Saturday, March 28, 2020

Kits of JOY!

One of my favorite things about making cards is that it gives me so much joy.  
Joy when I create them.  I love creating beautiful cheerful cards
Joy when I send them.  It feels good to brighten someone's day.  
Joy when someone receives them.  To be known and remembered with a handmade card is a gift.  

Between missing you come through my door to laugh and create and a need to clean out my craft area, I'm making some Kits of JOY!  
What is a Kit of Joy?  A card-workshop in your own home.  
I've done all the hard work, I've designed, cut and created cards that are beautiful, simple to create and with you, my card-making friends in mind.  
Nearly all of my cards are pre-stamped, definitely pre-cut and ready to create. They come with a card base & envelope and embellishments. You and your family can create them as shown or modify the pieces as you desire. I leave it 100% up to you!  

You'll need adhesive, 3D foam tape (if desired), markers or colored pencils and a shimmer brush to add sparkle if desired.  I have some of these items in my inventory so please let me know and I can add them to your order.  
At this time I have about 70 cards to choose from.  They're posted on my Facebook.   Don't worry if you don't have a Facebook account, you should still be able to see the album.  A login screen will appear and eventually a little tiny "not now" link will appear to clear that screen.  Just note the design number in the photo description and email me your wish list. 

How to get them?
A. My website! They'll be gifted to you with your support of my business. 
You'll earn 1 for every $10 of product in your order before shipping and tax. Or 6 cards if you earn the Stamp of the Month for $5. And a baker's dozen with a $100 order. After that, let's talk because you could be earning Hostess Rewards with your order.
B. $2 ea.  
I'll cover the shipping when your card order is over $20. I accept PayPal, Venmo, via FB messenger or check.  

If a kit runs out, I'll let you know before I confirm your order.  

Most of these cards were created for workshops in the last 3 years so much of the product you see may not be currently available on my website.  If you see something you love, let me know.  I might have it available to sell.  Hint...  Next I'll be cleaning out my stamp and paper stash.  If you ask now, you might be the first in line to get it.  

Thank you for your support. ❤️

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