Saturday, October 30, 2010

Guest Post by a Junior Designer

Here’s a cute little post by my first “guest designer.”  This was a card my little guy made for his Papa (Grandpa)  this week for his birthday.  He had to have the pumpkin.  Knew exactly which one (Stretch Your Imagination). He picked all the papers, the card base and the eyes and picked the two sizes himself.  No, he didn’t want to use a rubber stamped greeting.  He wanted it done on the Cricut too—on white paper.  He did all the gluing except for the stem.  And then he wrote his name!  All.By.Himself.  For the first time in pen.   He’s been writing, just not any type of paper that could be saved.  It was awfully hard sending that one out the door so I took lots of pictures.   


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