Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Navigating the Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge with Ease

CMTH released a Cricut shape index for this cartridge last summer to showcase the shapes before the cartridge was available.  This tool has been invaluable for me and I want to share with you why I love it more than the standard handbook.  It’s available on the CTMH.com website under Ideas & Inspiration/Cricut.  Or just click here
The first page of this 7 page handout holds the key to most of the cartridge.  Look at page 1 in a new way. There's a pattern to it that you'll never see in the handbook. Take a good look at the black shapes and how they’re organized in columns. 
navigating the index
Column 1: circles & scallop circles
Column 2:  ovals
Column 3:  squares
Column 4 rectangles
Column 5:  rectangular labels
Column 6 oval (rounded) labels
Column 7 is a bit of miscellaneous
Column 8:  tabs
Column 9:  banners
Column 10:  tags.
In addition, deeper into this handout in later pages you’ll find the following:
All boxes are on "Font Layer"
All rolled flowers are on the "font"
Regular borders are on "Font"
Fancy borders & doilies are on "font layer"
Photo corners are on "font"
All the flourishes and swirls are on "font layer"
How great is that? 
The rest of images are here in one of my first “Art” posts, if you can’t open the adobe file link I mentioned earlier. 

Do you have a page number for the item on a Cricut Compatible stamp set, yet can't find it on the keypad?  Try this!  Subtract 10 from the page number.  Example:  Page 59

59-10 = 49  This only works for Art Philosophy cartridge**:  you will find it on row 4 of the keypad and the 9th button.

**For Artiste, you can subtract 20 and get the same result.

I love this cartridge.  I hope you do too.  You can buy it here or contact me to find out how you can get it discounted or free.


  1. Lalia, thanks for doing this. It will make it so much easier to find images this way. I had printed this page from the CTMH site, but recycled it because it was really not much help, but you have clarified things!