Monday, February 6, 2012

Studio J is Cheaper than Costco!

With this month’s Studio J® promotion, your 12x12 layouts will be printed for
less than the cost of a 12x12 at Costco and you’ll get a quality page protector
and free shipping to your home. 

Do I have your attention?

5 free studio J

DOUBLE YOUR LAYOUTS with our Five for Free promotion!
For each Studio J® 5-pack (SJ5P) you purchase this February, you’ll get one free 5-pack. That means you get 10 layouts for just $55—that’s just $2.75 per page, with free shipping!  (Costco is currently $2.99 per 12x12 page.)
Even if you’re already taking advantage of Studio J’s incredibly low members-only pricing, you’ll save even more when you purchase 5-packs through this special February deal! Studio J 5-packs include everything you need to have 5 two-page layouts (that’s 10 scrapbook pages!) shipped to your door ready for your scrapbook album. Each 5-pack can be redeemed for up to:
• 5 two-page layouts
• 5 Memory Protectors®
• Free shipping and handling
Whether you’re looking for an affordable gift or a way to save money on your own layouts, Studio J 5-packs offer you convenience and savings. Keep one for yourself and give one as a gift!

These Studio J® 5-packs do not expire nor do they have to be redeemed this month. You can buy them in February and use or give them at a later time.

So how much can I save?

Studio J pricing

This is a great way to save if you’re a Studio J® Member or just get your feet wet trying out Studio J® for the first time.  Contact me if you’re interested in this month’s promotion or click here to go to the Studio J® website. 

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