Monday, March 26, 2012

The Amazing Gift of a Team!

Joining Close to My Heart isn’t a solo adventure.  You’re part of a team!  No matter what level you join for, you get support and camaraderie that’s unparalleled. 

Here’s some ‘eye candy’ to show you what I mean.  These cards were made by team members!  I made just one of these cards below and at that, I borrowed my design from another consultant.  These are the cards I display at workshops, gatherings and some day I’ll be sending off in the mail as birthday & thank you cards.  It’s not just me doing the creating & inspiring.  (Oh thank goodness).  I’m supported by wonderful friends all over the Pacific Northwest in my little paper crafting adventure and it’s wonderful.  And team members come in all forms, sponsored and adopted. 

On the downside, you will loose the “excuse” to buy everything in the new Idea Book so that you can make samples for your customers.  I’m sure you’ll find another reason to buy it if you “have to” have it. 

I’m so thankful for Naomi & Michele who lead these teams & creative swaps on a regular basis! 

As a customer, take a look a these cards~  Do you love one of them and want to create it?  Except for the autumn card, nearly all the products you see below are available to purchase & create your own cards with!  P1030759

Credit:  Lisa Combs, Carol Thompson, Sharon Hatch, ??? , Michele Rowley


Credit:  Carla Pizzaro, Mary Thomas, Jayma Malme, Michele Rowley, Tracie Cassidy, Me (Really Vicki Wizniuk as this was her design)


Credit:  Cindy Newell, Jessica Booth

To receive the cards, I participated in swaps.  I created 6-8 cards of ONE design & swapped them with gals.  I ended up with 6-8 unique, beautifully made designs for the creative effort of 1 card!

Would you like to be a part of my team?  Now’s a great time to join as you will receive the Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge free with your consultant kit in the month of March.

March free Cricut Cart with Sign up

Email me if you’re interested or click here for more info or sign up.   

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