Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pemberley Artwork

Recently I realized that I’ve been posting my artwork on my Facebook Page but no my blog.  And there are so many of you who don’t use Facebook and would never have the opportunity to see this artwork.  I better get busy because Pemberley is a paper pack that’s being retired at the end of the month, if it doesn’t sell out before then like Stella and Florentine already have.

pemberley stickease 2 Happy Birthday card, CTMH, pre Artiste, no Art Philosophy Cricut

Below is a picture of the artwork by Janene Wawro, sister consultant who designed this card kit.  I want you to see what a full set looks like before I show you my cards.  One thing you’ll love is that all of these cards can be cut, stamped and put together in under an hour!

It takes just 1 sheet of double sided Pemberley paper, one package of Pemberley Stickease, a few pearls, 6-8 card bases in Colonial White, a sheet of colonial white cardstock for stamping and your choice of sentiments.  Janene used “'Card Chatter-Sympathy.”   I used a variety of sentiment stamp sets.  We made them as a workshop back in spring 2012.   

Pemberley 6 8 10 workshop

Here’s the cutting guide for the cards above:

Cut two 5-1/4 strips from the 12x12 paper, with a 1.5” strip remaining.  Take the wider strips  and cut into narrower strips at the following sizes. 

5.25” by …



Colonial White for stamping on

Card 1 & 2



1 x 5.25

Card 3 & 4




Card 5 & 6




*The 1.5” strip on cards 1 & 2 was cut using the narrow 3rd strip 

Here’s a few of my cards, I used CARD CHATTER—SYMPATHY4 MY FRIEND and JUST A NUMBER.  I’ve sent a few of them and created two sets so you’ll see a few repeats and some missing.  (That’s why I posted Janene’s original pic above)

Pemberley stickease 1 before Artiste Cricut Cartridge Magazine File

I created a little magazine file to hold the cards.  This was only a couple months before the Artiste cartridge was announced and it has a much simpler to create magazine file. 

Pemberley, My Stickease, card tutorial, wishing you congrats  Pemberley, My Stickease, card tutorial, Thinking of you

These two cards used the same layout, but they are flipped.  I moved the scalloped border down a bit and it changed the appearance completely. 

Pemberley, My Stickease, card tutorial, Age is just a number



You will have several of the My Stickease left over.  Feel free to make a few other cards or decorate a magazine file box to hold your cards. 

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  1. All of these cards are BEAUTIFUL!! I just love Pemberley and hate to see it go!