Thursday, May 9, 2013

It’s a race! And I need your help to win!

I'm in a contest and I need your help to win!

It's not often that I beg for your help, but I'm doing it today.  I've been presented with a contest and I'd really like to win.  If I win, you'll win too!
You've heard that our Consultant Kit is only $49 and comes with $155 in goodies.  This month, all new consultants are also getting the Dream Pop paper pack for free in their kit.  It's normally $10 with a $35 purchase.  (Basically $45+ shipping & handling.)  Can you see where I'm heading?  Buy the kit and get lots more for the nearly the same price!

Your obligation once you get this kit:  NOTHING. 
Keep it or gift the items (your friends will love you). 
You can be a hobbyist or build a business to support your own personal dreams or goals.  It's totally up to you.  I'll help you any way you want. 
Here's the reward:  If you all help me be promoted to the next Manager in my group, I'll give you a Workshop on the Go or $29.95 in product hostess rewards type product (ink, papers, stamps, acrylic blocks, & Studio J layouts).
Another reward:  If you have $300 in sales in the first 30 days after getting your kit, you'll get another $25 in product directly from CTMH.  I'll help you host your first gathering whether it be online or locally.
This $49 kit will could potentially turn into $200+ in product for you and potentially $66+ cash back (22% commission on $300 in sales).  That's a lot of CTMH product for little net cost! 
Don't forget about the Dream Pop papers.  They're so fun and they're included this month! 

Are you ready?  Go here to sign up.
Not sure?  Email me, text me or call me at 425-35O-6879.  (Psst:  Don’t copy and paste this number, it has an "o” instead of a zero in it so spammers don’t pick up my phone number.)
Since this is a race, please do not wait until the end of the month to decide on signing up.  I may not win.  Let's win tonight! 
I appreciate your support! 
Lalia Harris

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