Friday, August 9, 2013

Oh Baby! An Artbooking Mini-Album

Last month, I took my Cricut and brand new Artbooking cartridge on vacation.  It wasn’t any exotic vacation; we went back to our hometown to see family, attend a wedding of my not-so-little nephew.  While there I created this album using some cardstock that I brought along.  I used Lagoon, Gypsy, Cotton Candy, Buttercup, Sweet Leaf and Crystal Blue. 
This album is for an upcoming baby girl.  I know her mom isn’t too fond of pink or frills but loves purple, teal and other bright, non-pastel colors.  The baby’s room is beach themed.  Our Under the Sea stamp set worked perfectly for the simple album that I created. 
It was so SIMPLE!  I started on page 50 & 51 of the Artbooking handbook with the 8x6” baby album.  I set my Cricut dial to 8” and started cutting.  I cut every mini-album element on page 50-51 aside from the lion and giraffe.  I started assembling the pages and creating the book.  I then went back and added elements from other pages  to fill in the “gaps” and add personality to the book.  
I’ve explained what I added to each below:
On the cover I added this cute banner that I found on page 85.  I believe I cut it at 8” instead of the 11” suggested for a 12x12 layout in the handbook.  I used scraps of paper to fill in the banner. 
Artbooking baby mini-album from CTMH by Lalia Harris
On page 2, I added the scalloped film strip that I found page 27.  I say 27 because I love how we have all the shapes shown in a quick view guide at the beginning of the handbook.  It ultimately led me to pg 78.  It’s for 2x2 photos on a 12” layout.  The handbook indicated that I could cut it at 11” (NO real-dial-size) and it would be perfect!  I know that there’s a couple of these film strip cuts.  I picked this one to keep the scallop theme.  The cute tags, pocket, and lattice were all cut at 8” because they were already part of the baby album.  I grabbed “Sweet” from page 49 and cut it 8” as well. 
Artbooking baby mini-album from CTMH by Lalia Harris
The borders and overlays fit perfectly!  No trimming required. 
Artbooking baby mini-album from CTMH by Lalia Harris
The palm tree is from the 12” beach layout on page 67.  I looked at the example layout on that page and decided it looked like the perfect size for my album.  I moved the dial up to 11” and cut it.  I didn’t want to use  real dial size since the trunk and the palm fronds have to be cut in proportion with each other. 
Artbooking baby mini-album from CTMH by Lalia Harris
I cut “family” from page 67.  I used “fit to length” on this one to get it to fit on the tag.   This was probably the most difficult part of the whole album.  I wasn’t really sure what size I wanted.  Decisions, decisions!  I really liked having those decisions made for me!
Artbooking baby mini-album from CTMH by Lalia Harris
For this scalloped page, I jumped to page 40 of the handbook and found another 8x6” mini-album!  More fun pages to cut and they matched exactly! 
Artbooking baby mini-album from CTMH by Lalia Harris
The wave frame were cut from the beach 12x12 layout on page 67.  It was for a 5x7 picture on a 12” layout which would be way too big for my little 8x6 album.   I wanted it only 4.5” wide so I used fit to length at 4”.  I also cut additional waves from the border feature on that very same page, also cut in the same way.  I added Stardust Glitz to the top most layer. 
For the back page I used that same frame but cut even smaller. 
Artbooking baby mini-album from CTMH by Lalia Harris

I bound the album with Lagoon baker’s twine.   Don’t bind it too tight so the pages tear! 
This album was truly a snap to put together.  I can’t wait to make more!  It was the perfect project for being on vacation because it was simple!

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  1. This is just darling Laila! I have started one but haven't had the chance to complete it yet. Yours looks fabulous!