Friday, August 30, 2013

Have a Crush?

I mentioned the My Crush books in my newsletter earlier this week.  I thought it was fun that they did a feature on it so I’m sharing it with you!  Did you receive it?  If not, you can subscribe here.  This is a teaser from next month’s CTMH generated newsletter.  I thought it was too good not to share with you since we have this wonderful new product!

This isn't your grandma's Smash Book.  Crush it!

Fall in love with quick and easy memory keeping

With our two new My Crush™ books, Modville and Bluebird, preserving everyday memories and mementos is a snap! The little things that normally get lost in the busyness of life will be safe within your book’s pages. With just a little tape, glue, or even a paper clip, you’ll be able to preserve life’s adventures as they happen — ticket stubs, receipts, photos, and fast journaling
And thanks to the coordinating My Stickease® images, journaling spots, alphabets, and envelope pockets in the four My Crush assortments, you’ll make beauty in no time at all. Fall head-over-heels for the ease of scrapbooking on the go with our new, handy-sized My Crush books!

Here’s some more pix: 

Bluebird edition

 042 – My Crush Modville Beauty

See the mini-album on the left page?  That was created using our mini-flip flaps! 


Modville edition  I really like this image below…. It features pix from my neck of the woods… Seattle & a local tulip festival. 

Modville Crushbook from CTMH
Check out the new My Crush™ books »


Here’s my $0.02 on these books:  They are fabulous.  My set arrived last week and I was amazed! 

See that big spiral?  They’re going to have lots of room to “Crush” your goodies in and they’ll still close flat.  (Psst… the other company has a little itty, bitty spiral, I peeked last week.  Does that sound naughty, it wasn’t supposed to!)

The books are affordable at only $12.99. 

The two accessory packs are $4.95 each.  Have you seen the price of the extras at the stores in town?  They’re $5.99 and lack variety! 

In each assortment you get a ton of product and a fantastic variety: 

16 – Journal Spots
4 – 4" × 4" My Stickease® Sheets
2 – 4" × 4" Alphabet Stickers Sheets
4 – 2" × 2" Envelopes

They are going to make fantastic gifts for young and young at heart!  Don’t forget to buy one for yourself too!

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