Friday, September 20, 2013

Mini-Album Mix Up?—Yes, you can!

Earlier this morning, someone asked “Can we mix & match any Artbooking album page?

The short answer is Yes, you can cut the album page at any size.  Your Cricut isn’t going to beep at you if you set the dial size to 7” when the handbook says this is an 8” mini-album.  It’s going to cut.  You could cut EVERYTHING in this handbook at 7.”  The Cricut would not care.  But you might. 

The only problem is the holes for binding.  They won’t line up.  In this picture below, I’ve put 5 albums into Cricut Craft room at 8.” 

Use any Artbooking mini-album page.  But first, hide the binding holes in Cricut Craft Room with the Hide Contour feature.

The first two are the 8” travel & baby albums in red.  They’re a perfect match and fit.  I mixed them when I made a baby album in August. 

The second one in blue is the 8 x 3.5” sweetheart album.  The holes continue to line up. 

The 3rd one in gold is the 10” Christmas album.  The holes do not line up and are a bit smaller than they should be.  They look pretty good but when cut, they’d tear because they aren’t quite perfect. 

The last is the 11 x 8 1/2” elegance album in green.  The holes are way off.  I’m not sure why the middle hole is off, but it is!  You’ll notice the holes are a bit smaller too.  That’s not a good situation either.

There is a fix!  It’s called Hide Contour. 



Click this button and you will be able to click on any of the lines you don’t want cut.  When you are done, click on the exit button at the bottom of your shape. 

Use Cricut Craft Room hide contour button to create perfect album pages in Artbooking

Hover over a line and it will become red .  That’s the one that’s going to be hidden when you click.  My screen is jumpy.  Sometimes I can’t just click where I think I should.  LOOK for the RED.

How to hide binding holes on Artbooking Album pages in Cricut Craft Room

If you’re not paying attention, you may end up hiding the border of the page.  It will look really strange to see you’re only cutting holes and not an album page.  Below I hid the center hole, the outside cut of the album page and one piece of the damask flourish.  THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANTED. 

Cricut Artbooking Hide Contour in Cricut Craft Room

The UNDO button will be your friend for this.  You can also go back into the Hide Contour mode but undo might be easier. 


After you click undo, go back & hide the contours the way you wanted. 


As for punching new holes, I’d make a template and do a test punch to make sure they are the way I want.  Then I’d line them all up and punch them together with my Crop-a-dile. I’d do this before embellishing.  That way any mistakes don’t ruin a finished page and you don’t put embellishments where a hole was needed. 

I hope this helps.  It’s going to be great fun mixing & matching album pages! 


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