Sunday, November 10, 2013

4th generation ink pads

I inherited some ink pads last weekend.  They belonged to my beloved sister.    I know they're the old style but they're in mint condition and I haven't even needed to reink them.  I'm keeping them for workshops, when extras are nice to have around. 
The remarkable thing is that they have passed through so many hands.  Jaqui had introduced her sister in law to stamping about 5 years ago.  In turn, Penny introduced her and me to CTMH.  As Penny built up her stash of new products, she gifted a few of these things to my sister.  I believe these ink pads were part of that stash.  However, Penny's name is not on the underside of the ink pad.  It's somebody else.  That makes me the 4th owner.  HOW COOL IS THAT? 
I love the fact that these ink pads are an amazing investment.  I used to buy the ones from the store, they were a couple bucks cheaper. But they dried out in a year or so. That didn't make them cheaper, just cheap.

CTMH ink pads are keepers.  You can even pass them down to family members.  I hope you don't have to do that anytime soon, but just know that you can.  You can find them on my website here.

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