Sunday, May 29, 2016

V Pleated Card with Happy Times paper

Hello friends!  Have you had a good National Scrapbooking Month?
There's only 2 more days left and I have an adorable card that you'll want to make after seeing it!

I made this card last night for a friend and my friends on Facebook asked me "how did you do this?"  So here's a video of assembling this card.  My card is based on a tutorial by Linda Bauwin that you can see here.  

The flower and leaves are cut with our most recent Cricut Collection:  Artistry!  
Here's the file for the Cricut Explore 

The flower is on handbook pg 11, Keypad:  Q :  Icon-1  @ 2"
The branch is on handbook pg 31, Keypad:  z:Icon-1n @2"  I removed the stem after it was cut.

Here's the Cricut Explore file to cut the pleats.  It was created with the built-in shapes that are part of Design Space.  

Here's the manual dimensions:

B&T patterned paper 11” x 2.75” (or 3" tall)
Score every ½" & 1" inches starting at 1½”
1.5", 2", 3", 3.5", 4.5", 5", 6". 6.5", 7.5", 8", 9" & 9.5”

Note:  I designed this file so 4 pieces could be cut on the Cricut Explore from 1 sheet of 12x12 paper.  That's why it is 2.75" tall.  If you're using a paper trimmer and scoring board and want to make 4 cards at one time, you can score the whole sheet of paper and then cut the strips at 3".  This will save you a bit of time because you're only scoring 1 time for 4 cards.  I'd only do this after making a prototype.  :) 

After scoring, flip the paper over and measure up the side of the edge 1.5" from the bottom.  Make a mark on both sides.  Now find the center 2 score marks at 5 & 6" and mark them..  You'll cut diagonally from the mark on the left edge to the 5" mark and from the right side to the 6" mark.  You can lightly draw a line with a pencil if needed but you'll need to erase them so they don't show.  

I started in the middle at the 5" score mark and folded inward (valley fold) and then outward, (mountain fold) working my way to the end of the paper.  Then I repeated the folding from the middle going the other way.  

This card was made with the 2016 National Scrapbooking Month Happy Times paper.  It's only available in the month of May 2016.  If this link isn't working, the paper's not available!

Now the best part:  This paper is FREE with at $60 purchase.  Or you can get it for $14.95, no strings attached besides shipping!  

If Happy Times paper is sold out, here's some other ideas for this card

Georgie would be adorable for a baby!   Look at those elephants

Sangria  I'm thinking the bottom left one would look amazing!  

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