Tuesday, July 5, 2016


If you've been on social media anytime at all you've seen the # AKA Hashtag mark tagging and annotating entries.  Have you ever clicked a hastag?

Hastags are a great tool for searching Close to My Heart Products!  They're aren't just for us bloggers and CTMH consultants.  They're for YOU!  

Let's start with the first one #CTMH.  You can click on it or enter it into the search bar on Facebook and you'll have dozens of posts with artwork featuring Close to My Heart product.

#CTMHCalypso is for our paper packet Calypso that's in the current Seasonal Expressions.

These are just a few of the other papers that have a hashtag.    

We also do it for our Cricut Cartridges
#CTMHArtistry is all over Facebook, PinterestInstagram & Twitter.  
Feel free to try #CTMHArtPhilosophy, #CTMHArtiste, #CTMHArtbooking, #CTMHArtfullySent a try as well.  

#CTMHWatercolors to find artwork with our watercolor products.
#CTMHThinCuts for our cutting dies
I'm sure you'll find more!

{{{Your #searches don't have to be capitalized.  They're just easier to read if they are.}}}

#CTMHMakeItFromYourHeart refers to the Close To My Heart blog.  

I'll update this list when the new Catalog & Idea Book are released August 1, 2016.

In the meantime, follow me for sneak peeks.  


When I posted this pic last month you may have seen the #CTMH #CTMHWatercolors #CTMHThinCuts

May you have inspiration for crafting wherever you go!

May you have inspiration for crafting wherever you go!

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