Sunday, November 20, 2016

Adopt a stamp set

I'm cleaning out my stash and have so stamps that need to be re-homed so they don't live a neglected life.

Adoption fee  (assume they're lightly used, some SOTM are new)
A $3
B $4
C $5
D $6
E $10
S $5

Shipping is $3 for the first stamp and $1 for each additional when shipped in the US.  Purchase 5 or more stamps and I'll provide a shipping quote.  My stamps are very reasonably priced.  I would rather charge a bit extra on shipping the first one than to raise the price on every stamp $1.

I'll try to post photos on my FB page later but it's very easy to Google the set by searching for the item number + CTMH.

Payment via PayPal.  Please leave a comment below with the stamps your interested in, your zipcode and your email address (I will NOT publish your comment).  I will send you a PayPal invoice.

S1204    You Are 
S1208    August Stamp of the Month: Baroque Borders
S1210    October Stamp of the Month: Very Merry Christmas
S1211    November Stamp of the Month: Capture the Date
S1301    January Stamp of the Month: Happy Valentine's (3 available)
s1302     Home Sweet Home
s1303     Floral Happiness
s1305     Pinwheel
s1306     Flowering Bunch
s1307     Sweet Life (2 new)
s1310     October Stamp of the Month: Scandinavian Wishes
s1401     Cross Stitch Wishes 2 available
s1404     #N/A
s1406    #N/A
s1407    Circus Alphabet (4 new)
s1410     October Stamp of the Month: Home for the Holidays 4+ available
s1411     November Stamp of the Month: It's the Little Things
s1412     December Stamp of the Month: Cutie Pie
s1501     January Stamp of the Month: This Moment
s1502     February Stamp of the Month: A Happy Hello
s1503     March Stamp of the Month: Choose Happy
S1505    May Stamp of the Month: Just Sayin'
s1507     July Stamp of the Month: Life Is Wonderful
s1508     August SOTM: Framed
s1509     Paper Garden
s1510     Twinkle
S1511    Cheers, 2016!
W189     Friendship Alphabet
w190     Alphabet
a1084    sweet Friends
a1117    A typeface
a1124    A Tree
a1137    Card Chatter--Focus on the Little Things
a1158    Doodle Signs (Hostess Rewards Stamp Set)
a1170    Doodled Designs
b1230    Solo F
b1234    Solo J
b1243    Solo S
b1269    Journaling Jots
b1309    FUN TIMES
b1365    SPRING UP
b1380    Mayberry WOTG
B1398    Just for You
b1403    To You and Yours
B1430    Happiness Lives Here (Frame WOTG)
b1431    Reel Life
b1432    Love This
b1434    You Only Live Once (Hostess Rewards Stamp Set)
b1438    Banner Wishes
b1449    Oodles of Doodles
b1468    Merriest Christmas
Pending c1463     HARVEST HAPPINESS
c1486     Lucy WOTG
c1501     New Arrival
c1510     Merry & Bright
c1540     Hello Blooms
c1543     Perfect Fit--Mom
c1565     In the Moment
c1574     Believe in Yourself
c1581     Inspiration Flourishes
c1600     Happy Birds
c1614     Tagged With Love Hostess Exclusive
c1627     Reindeer Bells
c1637     Stamps of Approval
c1640     Friend in Me
c1641     Springtime Wishes
Pending cc1025   You Are My Happy  This is the only the alphabet set.  
cc1040   Hello Life Pocket scrapbooking
cc1041   Hello Life Cardmaking
cc1042   Hello Life Scrapbooking
d1110    Give Thanks
d1136    GIGGLE CAPS
d1169    Birthday Surprise
d1418    Felicity
d1497    Art Philosophy Cupcake set
d1506    Family Love
d1527    Perfect Fit--Frames
d1539    The Happy Couple
d1548    Whooo's Your Valentine
d1550    Happy Autumn
d1555    All the Details
d1559    Geometric Backgrounds
d1565    Laughing Lola Card WOTG
d1568    Sarita WOTG
PENDING d1578    Flight of the Arrows
d1585    Lollydoodle Card WOT
d1602    A Budding Friendship
d1609    Seaside Greetings
d1616    Have a Happy Day
d1627    Your Own Kind of Wonderful
d1635    Assorted Edges
d1649    Blossom Card WOTG
d1653    Happy Everything
d1663    Floral Banners
d1671    Sangria WOTG
e1025    Rock the Block Constant Campaign

This list was partially  updated 2/21/2017 by deleting the majority of the items that have been sold.

Payment via PayPal.  Please leave a comment below with the stamps your interested in, your zipcode and your email address (I will NOT publish your comment). I will send you a PayPal invoice.  

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