Saturday, December 13, 2008

.cut file compatibility between baby & Big E

This just irks me. I was trying to get things ready for a crop last night and I couldn't figure out why my cuts were off. I wasted a ton of paper and time which threw off my whole night. Tonight I sat down and studied the situation. It wasn't me! How many of you are aware that the margins for the 12x12 mat are different than the 6x12 mat in DS? This matters if you try to cram as many cuts on a piece of paper as possible. Thus having lined up your cuts along the leading edge of the mat (the left side of the mat which is cut first!) I know a lot of you have upgraded to the Big E this season. Please keep this in mind! It's a real bummer if you have welded cuts like I do that involve lots of little shapes that have to be scooted over Take a look at my example: If you're still thinking, big whoop, it's only a square. Try this on for size. I created a poinsettia using the flower in George by adding a triangle on to the tip of each petal to make a pointed petal. That means there are 6 elements for every flower. I had 46 flowers on 1 sheet (they were about 1" each) Being squashed together to conserve paper, I had to scoot each and every element over 1 arrow-key click to the right. That's click with the mouse then scoot with the arrow key 276 times!!! I hope someone sees this and is spared a little point and click-click by this. :) Have a good night.

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