Sunday, December 7, 2008

Welding & Detail Cuts in Design Studio

When I made the treat bags back in October, I noticed that I had some problems with the pumpkin showing all its features. See the example on the right. I filed a ticket with cricut via their website. They responded back with "it's a design feature." Yeah, that's what engineers say when there's a problem. I know, I've been one of them in my past life. Basically, in Design Studio, you have two options: to Weld or not to Weld. Some times you don't have a choice. But with using Cricut markers, you do. The image on the left was not welded. The pumpkin on the right was welded. All the detail cuts are gone.
Click on the picture to see all of it.
This can be very helpful, especially if you're making cards or boxes. If you click weld on any TBBM item, it gets rid of those little tic marks for scoring (blackout doesn't do this). It also gets rid of those marks on any of the cards (I know this works for SYI & Plantin Schoolbook). In Plantin Schoolbook EndCaps feature, it also gets rid of the top & bottom cut line so you can add those letters on top of a larger shape. (I don't generally use the actual end cap shapes, but I love the stencil effect it makes). I hope this can help you out!

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